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The Rib Spreader


I have been hunting deer in Minnesota for more then 40 years.
I have often wondered why someone didn't come up with a tool
to make field dressing of your trophy faster and easier.
I haven't seen anything yet, so I decided to have a go at it myself.
So here it is, I am introducing to you, The Rib Spreader!
The Rib Spreader is actually 4 tools in one!

Number One

It serves as a marker for your downed game if you have to get
dragging help. Just hang the rib spreader from a branch over your
game, the blaze orange color and 3M reflective tape helps spot the
trophy day or night!

Number Two

Insert the Rib Spreader between the cage to hold it open.
You won't believe how much easier it is to dress out the game.

Number Three

Leave the Rib Spreader in the cage to do a thorough job
of cleaning.

Number Four

Leave the Rib Spreader inside the game for faster and
more even cooling!

The Ribstretcher is constructed of Ultra High Strength Plastic
for a lifetime of service. It has an easy grip handle with non-slip
ends. The blaze orange color with 3M reflective strips on both sides
assures you of finding the downed game faster if you have to get
dragging help.

You can see how the RIB SPREADER
works by clicking these two Links below:

PICTURE ONE Shows uses of The Rib Spreader

PICTURE TWO Another use for The Rib Spreader

See the results of this product field tested by!See Independent field testing results on the Rib Spreader here!

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